Andres Vio


Santiago de Chile, 1973

Andrés Vio executes works that produce creative reading games, for which he uses waste materials with minimal characteristics, materials that, therefore, escape from what is traditionally used for executing visual art. The use of printed material generates a new reading, since the material goes beyond its original function and acquires other semantic possibilities. Therefore, Vio’s works are read from a process that is granted by the rhythm of a journey based on  dynamism, the symmetry-asymmetry combinations, the rhythm and the contrast that arise from the same composition.

An interesting work executed by Vio is based on a clear urban icon, pages and pages of newspapers printed with thousands of names are covered with confetti made of the same newsprint. The inability to read the information that gives meaning and origin to the newsprint gives these data a new order that shows us how monotonous the sight of that object becomes. This work system shows the interest in “talking at random”, “rebuffing” and decoding the way of communicating. Mixing and questioning what is written and what is thought or what is said and what is done. In short, what you see and what you want to see.

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