Santiago de Chile, 1953

The principle of his painting is the color splatter. The perfection of the drawing, as Leonardo Da Vinci said, is in the color splatter. “I made it my life and to this day, I am dedicated to it.”

He studied at the University of Chile. He had great teachers and was rewarded with the eternal friendship of his classmates. His first images are figurative as a result of the splatter. From then on, he is interested in the vision of finding a story that has already been drawn, which he interprets and gives life to. To this day it is the same. After painting for more than thirty years, it could be said that he is interested in mixing the abstract and the figurative. Of drama and comedy. All together.

“For me, black is red with green. I paint what I proclaim. I paint the everyday.
I paint like a caveman.”

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