Consuelo Walker Guzmán

Consuelo Walker Guzmán

Santiago de Chile, 1985

My visual work has evolved in the midst of that paradoxical exchange between pain and pleasure, within a bond that forges a way in and a way out between sacred and profane. This allows me to become vulnerable and fragile as a creator, while also sporting the resilience needed to repair and recover that which had been lost to pain. These losses are related to the concepts of gender, identity and subversion. Memory and remembrance are the fuel for an exercise of recovery that re-signifies pain.

The body of my work materializes in volumes of excess and hoarding one single object, abandoning its usual purpose for a new intention, and re-signifying it. This is how works seen from the point of view of textile art repair and recover a sense of pleasure. Use of autonomous materials like sewing pins, scissors and needles intertwine in a combination that, from their tridimensionality and adjusted to other elements, repair and recover.

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