Fernando Casasempere


Santiago de Chile, 1958

This sculptor, who works with ceramics, has been dedicated to researching the line of modeling and the wealth of forms that the material allows.

He works in small and large formats, using hand modeling as a technique, that he takes to an oven and then enamels. He has used all kinds of mixtures in the creation of his ceramics, falling back on ores, marine debris, volcanic ashes, tailings sands that come from the mines of the Atacama Desert and Chile’s Central Coast. The artist incorporates these elements into his pastes, clays and bases of enamels metalized with copper, natural calcium carbonates, borax, kaolin, zirconium and feldspar.

He has created abstract sculptures that he defines through geometric shapes, and varied volumes. His work resembles stones found naturally in the landscape and that seek to represent that which has not been worked on by the hand of man.

Casasempere has managed to perfect the technique through the work of textures by means of the different processes of the search for color, finding an ecological solution that unites art with the environment. A formula to convert mineral waste into ceramics, thus making art out of waste.

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