Francisca Garriga


Santiago de Chile, 1988

The artist, looking for answers to the question of how we perceive color, has investigated the phenomenon of light as an established element of color. The obvious and seemingly trivial fact, that every volume receives and reflects light – that is, color – and casts and receives shade, was the starting point for executing the first color mixing exercises and, using light and shade, develop a variable palette of colors, temperatures, tones and values.

The use of a serialized modular element provides physical materialization in a way that goes from the two-dimensional to the relief, paving the way for and multiplying the mixtures, the reflections, and the shading, producing spaces and shapes of variable dimensions.

It should be noted that here the viewer plays an important role, on which the operation or activation of her work depends. It is the physical movement of the latter that will allow perception of the phenomena indicated. Although this corroborates the relationship of her work with a certain kinetic art, the craftsmanship deployed in its execution and oriented to address plastic elements typical of conventional painting, allows her to try to transcend the merely visual looking for a bridge that allows her to extend this investigation without losing contact with painting.

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