Francisco Gazitua


Santiago de Chile, 1944

The artist has lived and has had his studio in the mountains for more than forty years, immersed in the stones of a quarry and in the reading of a thousand books.

Like Gabriela Mistral, he was born, grew up and learned how to walk, feel and think.

“At the same time, like her, I owe everything to the legacy of a liberal culture and education. To the poetic cultural treasure, generated and guarded by the old Art schools of the University of Chile and England. I have become one more in that formidable culture that for more than ten thousand years has lived, taking refuge in the ravines and plateaus of the Andes”, says the sculptor.

I adopt the following verses:

“Cordillera” (Gabriela Mistral)

«I did not leave your labyrinths – I did not circumvent your crossroads – In vain I waded forty fords – In vain I crossed the bitter sea – My nights are red slopes – And my enchantments, open…. in my death I will give your mask – They laid me on your back – they nailed me to your back – I will never have the sweet plains – Nor will I sleep on the beaches – Plains and dunes looked at me – In me, your ovens and your forges … ”

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