Gonzalo Contreras


Arica, Chile, 1979

He understands sculpture as a tool for communication and expression. Its objective is to create a language with materiality, using art as the grammar to start a dialogue with the spectator through my sculptures. It uses elements of popular culture that form part of a collective and global language that is easy to read, managing to communicate the discourse found in each work.

He takes these forms and works them in the traditional materials of classical sculpture, such as marble, seeking to update the material and the craft of the classical sculptor, vindicating it and keeping it in force within the contemporary art circuit.

Its theme derives from personal experiences, social unrest, social criticism, current speeches or events that happen today in the world, which are repeated or are very noisy in their everydayness.

With the passing of these years, developing the methodology of language and the improvement of the sculptural technique, he has achieved a key objective in the intentionality of his work: to communicate.

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