Isidora Villarino


Santiago de Chile

The city plays a fundamental role in the work of Isidora Villarino; thus, architecture and urban space are a constant that, mainly through drawing and installation, transport us to common places, places that we have passed by many times without actually seeing them. In this way, from the beginning, reality – one that we almost never notice – has been the starting point of her work.

Through her work, Isidora establishes a relationship between the human being and his environment, rescuing sensations and identities; the structure of the city, one that inherently reveals stories, cultural traces in ceaseless movement.

Thus, elements adjacent to the construction appear constantly in her work: the impact of light on the place or perspectives insinuated by the placing of the elements, establish relationships between what is subtle in nature and what is coarse in construction. A characteristic that is intensified by means of a delicate pen and ink drawing technique.

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