Maite Izquierdo


Santiago de Chile, 1956


In my artistic work I have developed various textile techniques in which the search for color, accumulation and manufacturing prevail. I am interested in rediscovering textiles with history and breaking them down. I give their fibers a new look with the creation of their own set of colors. The theory of color becomes essential: it orders, saturates and envelops harmony.

Textile is the raw material; it can be sewn, ripped, joined and tied, so that a creation emerges that shows us the beauty of what we are today in our time. It is a rescued vestige, a second skin. The daily life of the textile is related to the intimate and external, and when I work with it, I observe what it offers me, establish material, chromatic and, at the same time, symbolic relationships: life, death, shelter, anguish, landscapes and body.

Fabrics are found in various places and circumstances, they are «rescued» from the use for which they were created, they are treasured, dyed and sewn. Primarily, craftsmanship in art becomes a pleasure, a search for beauty through experimentation. An occupation that demands time and patience, in which the creative process becomes an obsession. As a ritual, the result of my action forms a large volume that embraces. The fragility of the material allows me to explore what changes and what is ephemeral about it. Materials that rise when intertwined, and thus, shelter the space delivered.

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